If your book, music, or film has been reviewed on TBAP with a star rating of at least 4, you may request a customized endorsement banner that will bear a quote from the review, which you can place on your book/music/film’s website, or on the sidebar of your personal page.

From November, 2014, all books/music/film reviewed on TBAP with a star rating of at least 4, will automatically receive a banner. If you don't want one, you may contact the editor to request a review, but don't fill this form.

Depending on how soon you need a banner, it is possible to request for one and receive it before the editor is ready to publish the review on the TBAP blog as scheduled.

Read the TBAP review policy. Request a review by contacting Miranda, the TBAP editor.

Fill this form to request an endorsement banner:
* indicates required
This includes your first name, last name, and a middle name if you have one.
This is your personal webpage or blog.
This is what you've named your project. Example: Redeeming Love, Sands of Time
It is assumed that your project is Christian/inspirational. Indicate if it is suspense, thriller, romance, speculative etc
If you have created a website specifically for your project's campaign, or a page for it on your personal website, please write it's URL
If you've requested the editor to review your project, and a review has been posted, then your answer should be 'yes'. If you haven't requested, search your projects title on the TBAP website using the search box. If it comes up, your answer should be 'ye
This may include a specific date you want the banner, a question you need to ask, or anything else you want to mention. Note that this box can only accomodate limited characters.
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