The Fongs For The One Percent Newsletter

We firmly believe our ministry is a partnership between our family and a huge team of partners back home supporting us faithfully in prayer and finances. As a prayer or financial supporter, your role is at least as important, if not moreso than ours in the field.

Every month we send a newsletter summarizing our monthly ministry activities and asking for specific prayer support. We firmly believe in the power that the prayers of our supporters have on the willingness of God to allow our work to bear fruit, not because God is a vain taskmaster, but because he constantly needs to remind us to stay connected with him and hear from him. If you want to be part of this critical team of people in our lives or if you simply want to know what's going on in our ministry, please sign up to receive our newsletter. We won't share prayer requests in a lot of detail on our blog for privacy reasons, so this is really the only way you'll be able to know how to pray for us in detail.

You can unsubscribe yourself from the newsletter at any point of time and we also reserve the right to remove people from the list if we are not acquainted with you in some way. Please don't take it personally; this is just for privacy and safety reasons. If you want to get back on the list, reach out and introduce yourself!
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